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6 Benefits of Pet Wellness Plans for Your Dog or Cat

6 Benefits of Pet Wellness Plans for Your Dog or Cat

Today, our vets in Exeter talk about the benefits of pet wellness plans and how they can help make routine care for your cat or dog more affordable.

What Are Some Benefits of Pet Wellness Plans?

Having pet insurance is a good idea, but it's not always straightforward. Factors like how much it costs, what it covers, and your pet's health when you start can change how much you pay each month.

Also, some pet insurance plans don't cover regular vet visits or shots, even though these are important for keeping your pet healthy and avoiding expensive medical bills.

Budgeting for Pet Healthcare

  • Since Wellness Plans are 'bundles' of veterinary services, that means less financial pressure when taking your pet in for their vet-recommended preventive care services. This payment option enables more pet parents to afford comprehensive vet care and avoid potentially expensive treatment costs from preventable conditions going undiagnosed. 
  • Can be paid monthly or annually
  • Usually includes discounts on certain products and services
  • It makes budgeting for pet care easier

Expect the Unexpected

  • Pets can get hurt or sick unexpectedly. Since wellness plans typically include a number of wellness visits, this can be helpful in the case that an incident has occurred and your pet requires an examination.

Potentially Discounted Pet Care

  • Pet wellness plans usually divide the care expenses over a longer period, and this helps. Your vet offers discounts on the services included in your pet's plan.

Routine Preventive Care For Your Pet

  • It's best to take your pet for regular check-ups rather than waiting until they're sick. It is typically not only more cost-effective for your pet to receive routine preventive care over urgent care but also allows your pet to be more easily treated. Cat and dog wellness plan helps your vet spot problems early by seeing your pet more often. 

Helps To Ensure That You Stay Consistent With Pet Care

  • Cat and dog wellness plans encourage regular veterinary check-ups for your pet. When you invest in these plans, you're more likely to take your pet for routine care. This means your pet receives more preventive care, ultimately helping them live a healthier, longer life. 

Can Usually Be Customized to Meet Your Pet's Unique Needs

  • At Pacific Crest Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital, our pet wellness plans cover canine companions and feline friends of all sizes, shapes, and ages. Most cat and dog wellness plans have options for small, medium, large, XL, and giant dogs, and cats, and offer a range of preventive annual and biannual wellness procedures (e.g., wellness exams, bloodwork, parasite testing). As your vet team gets to know your unique pet, they will be able to recommend wellness plans to keep them happy and healthy - and potentially spare your wallet in the long run.
  • Pets like older cats and dogs, young puppies and kittens, and those with ongoing health problems can benefit from pet wellness plans. These plans help cover regular vet check-ups, pet vaccinations, and health screenings to catch problems early.

What Are Some Potential Downsides of Pet Wellness Plans?

As with just about any decision, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing whether a wellness plan is right for you.

You May Not Visit Very Often

Subscribing to a pet wellness plan might seem odd when your pet is young, healthy, and seems fine. However, it's often wiser to have coverage you don't use than to regret not having it when you need it. We recognize that deciding on healthcare, whether for you or your furry friend, is a personal choice. It should always prioritize the patient's well-being and be guided by medical advice.

Your Pet May Require Additional Coverage

Understanding what your pet insurance and vet clinic's wellness plans include is crucial. Wellness plans focus on routine care, while insurance doesn't cover everyday needs. Chatting with your vet about your pet's needs and budget will help you make the right choice.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Our pet wellness plans help make the cost of pet care for your cat or dog more affordable. If you have any questions or would like to enroll, please contact our Exeter vets today.

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